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*Full Name: *no nicknames!
Original Email:
NOTE: This function currently only works if you know the email address that was used when you registered Kali. If you no longer have access to your original email address enter the old email address anyway and follow the directions. You must enter your full name (not a nickname) correctly or no attempt will be made to retrieve your lost codes!

If you are looking for lost "free/trial" codes just go back through the steps to register a free/trial account. You will be re-issued the same codes as before. Click here to enter your name and email address again.

For users who registered prior to December 2001 the database only lists the last known email address your registration codes were emailed to. Good luck remembering what it was!

For users who registered through PayPal after January 2003 use the email address from the PayPal account that was used to register Kali.

IMPORTANT: Do not enter an email address that does not belong to you! Abuse of this service may result in permanent loss of your access to Kali. Every attempt to use this form is logged and Kali support personnel will be notified immediately of any suspicious activity.

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